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Have you always felt your breasts are too small? Or have your breasts changed after pregnancy or because you have aged, and are you considering breast augmentation surgery? This type of plastic surgery procedure may be chosen for both functional and aesthetic reasons. 

Breast augmentation Brisbane

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is designed to increase the volume and fullness of breasts in women. During the procedure, we restore and reshape your breasts to ensure a natural and balanced appearance. 

The most common reason for breast enhancement surgery is to increase volume but there are many reasons for surgery. Here’s an overview:

  • Increase breast size.
  • Loss of support and shape due to age-related changes.
  • Post-implantation descent or capsule formation resulting in distortion and loss of shape.

During your consultation, we will discuss your reasons for breast augmentation surgery, and also your past medical history, past surgical history, medications and allergies. We’ll also talk about your goals and expectations, the risk of surgery, potential complications and expected recovery after surgery.

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In breast augmentation surgery,  we use breast implants to create the desired effect. However, sometimes we don’t need breast implants to create the outcome that you are after. 

Women who prefer a relatively small increase in breast size, may want to know that there is a technique called ‘autologous breast augmentation’. It’s an alternative that uses your own fat cells to enhance breast tissue. We take fat from other parts of your body, using liposuction, and with this fat, we create the enlargement. This technique is also called fat transfer breast augmentation. 

You are a candidate for breast augmentation when you are fit, healthy and capable of undergoing a general anaesthetic. This surgery is designed for patients who have realistic and clear goals that are defined with your plastic surgeon at the planning stages of cosmetic surgery. 

Some patients require combined surgery or staged surgeries and this will depend upon discussions we have together. 

Where do you operate?

I consult from my private rooms at Mater Private Clinic and I operate as a plastic surgeon at many private hospitals in Brisbane, Queensland. I can see Gold Coast patients from my private rooms at John Flynn Medical Centre and I operate at

Breast implants Brisbane

Breast implant size, shape and profile?

In Australia, we use only breast implants that have undergone rigorous testing and review. 


During your consultation, we discuss the desired implant size, shape and profile. We look at your personal preferences and then make decisions based on suitability, your skin type, chest wall, height and weight.

Dr Andrew Hadj - Plastic Surgeon Brisbane | Abdominoplasty Brisbane cost
Dr Andrew Hadj

Plastic surgeon Brisbane & Gold Coast

Breast implant placement

The placement is either above your chest muscle (subglandular placement) or below your chest muscle (submuscular placement). There are benefits and risks associated with both types. 

  • Under the muscle provides very good coverage of the implant from rotation and infection – this is one of the safest placements for implants.
  • Above the muscle does provide good shape and support, however, this approach has a high risk of migration and capsule-formation (scar formation).

Scar placement

The most common incision placement is within the IMF or inframammary fold (the breast to chest fold line). It is 5cm in length and allows the implant to be securely placed. An IMF incision scar is quite hard to see because it is hidden in the crease of the breast fold. 

Less common are incisions made via the nipple or armpit.

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Breast augmentation procedure: step by step

Step 1


You will meet the theatre team and anaesthetist prior to surgery. You will be given a general anaesthetic and once you’re asleep we’ll start by making an incision. 

Step 2


In most cases, we make an inframammary incision (the fold under the breast). The chest muscle is only partially elevated to create space. 

Step 3

Inserting the breast implant

Once the pocket is established, sizing is undertaken with temporary breast implants to establish the best profile and size match. Once the area is cleaned, we use an antibiotic/betadine solution to coat the implant and the pocket to ensure sterility. A particular funnel is used to introduce the implant to minimise handling and to exact placement. Occasionally a drain is used but not in all cases. 

Step 4

Closing the incision

The skin is closed and soon afterwards, you will wake up in the recovery room. 

Step 5


You will immediately see the result. 

The ideal preparation is to stay fit and healthy by maintaining a good diet, with good sleep, minimising alcohol intake and not smoking. 

Previously it was estimated implants need replacement after 10 years however we are seeing greater longevity in implants over time. 

Breastfeeding is possible after breast augmentation for submuscular implantation. Subglandular implantation has small risks of impacting breastfeeding. 

Yes, this is safe and easily managed. 

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Breast augmentation recovery

Recovery after breast enlargement surgery

Most patients require 1 week off work. A compression bra is most comfortable post-surgery and will be on once you’re awake. We recommend using the bra for 4 weeks after surgery. Most surgery is day surgery however some patients require 1 night in hospital. 

Day 2

One day after breast surgery some swelling will be present and some chest discomfort is common. This is easily settled with regular over-the-counter analgesia. You will have stronger pain medication if needed but this is not common. 

Day 7

By the end of day 7 most bruising will have migrated to the chest wall and you will be quite comfortable. You will have your first post-op appointment with the clinic nurse on day 7. 

Working, bathing, exercising and driving?

Breast augmentation risks

Risks and complications

The risks include bleeding and infection (<5%).

  • Serious bleeding would require a return to the operating theatre for repair.
  • An infection in the implant would require the implant to be removed for a period of 4 months before a second procedure would be suitable. 

A few more things we want you to know:

  • You will see a scar however this will fade over time.
  • The implant will develop a capsule over time which may require correction. This is usually over 5-10 years in patients however can be quite variable.
  • ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) is a rare complication that has been recognised with textured implant usage both in Australia and globally. The risk is seen over 8-10 years. This is not breast cancer but an immune cancer related to capsule formation around the implant. The risk of this is estimated to be 1:10,000-1:50,000. This condition will be discussed during consultation.
Rupturing is uncommon however can result in asymmetry, mild pain, chest discomfort, swelling and bruising, and lumpiness in the breast. This should be investigated by consultation and MRI and managed by me as your plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation Brisbane cost

What does the procedure cost?

It’s my true belief, as a plastic surgeon, that surgery of this nature should be affordable. Please make an appointment to discuss costs in detail.

There are many low-cost options both in Australia and overseas and great care should be taken when dealing with a surgeon who is not an ASPS / AHPRA / FRACS recognised Plastic Surgeon.

Unfortunately, many patients confuse plastic surgeons with cosmetic surgeons (as recently mentioned in the ABC Four Corners report) and the training differs significantly.


Always ask your surgeon about his or her experience. Reassurance that a plastic surgeon has undertaken over 12 years of post-medical specialist training is an important determination.

Dr Andrew Hadj - Plastic Surgeon Brisbane | Abdominoplasty Brisbane cost
Dr Andrew Hadj

Plastic surgeon Brisbane & Gold Coast

It’s also recommended to always seek second opinions if you have concerns. Ultimately you should feel comfortable with the surgeon you are seeing. 

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