Which type of plastic surgery treatment can I help you with?

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The best cosmetic surgery results are those that you don’t see

We have listed all cosmetic procedures in one handy overview. 

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery increases the volume and fullness of your breasts. 


Abdominoplasty is used to remove excess tissue and skin of the abdomen. 


Blepharoplasty is used to remove excess or drooping skin over the upper or lower eyelids.  


Gynaecomastia is the excessive enlargement of the male breast. 

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The best hand surgery doesn’t focus on restoring function only

Great hand surgeons also try to make the hand look as normal as possible, too.

During carpal tunnel release surgery we cut through the ligament that is pressing down on the carpal tunnel. 

Hand surgery is a broad term that covers many different types of procedures.

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Plastic surgeons are trained to not only remove the skin cancer. We also reconstruct the wound and restore the area so your appearance look as normal as is possible.

Queensland’s average UV Index is high enough every month to warrant the use of sun protection every day, throughout the year. That’s why skin cancers are so common in our state. Surgery is a common treatment to remove malignant skin cancers.  

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Plastic surgery is the ultimate expression of art and science

Is there any difference between a plastic and cosmetic surgeon

Finding the right surgeon for cosmetic procedures can be a daunting experience if you don’t know what to look for.

Coming from a medical family - my father a trauma surgeon and my mother a midwife - I grew up in an environment of understanding the needs of patients.

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My personal approach is to never rush into surgery. There’s plenty of time for questions and I love getting to know you.

Surely, you’d like to know your surgeon too. On my About page I share some details about my personal life, my achievements and why I do what I do best. 

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