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As a man, do you yearn for a broad and flat chest but no matter exercise and diet, you still have a full chest? This condition is called gynaecomastia and it’s more common than you think. About 1 in 3 men will develop it. Breast reduction or gynaecomastia surgery is one option to remove fatty tissue or breast gland tissue. 

Gynaecomastia Brisbane plastic surgeon

What is gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is the excessive enlargement of the male breast. It may affect one or both breasts and this condition may cause significant emotional and psychological discomfort. As your breast or breasts may look more feminine, some men feel embarrassed and therefore it’s one of the main reasons for gynaecomastia surgery. 

The most common causes of male breast enlargement include:

  • Hormone imbalance (your body produces too much oestrogen and not enough testosterone).
  • Side-effects of certain medications.
  • Illicit drug use.
  • Other medical conditions.

Surgery for gynaecomastia is for adult men who are fit and healthy and suitable for day surgery procedures. During surgery, we remove any excessive glandular tissue as well as fat that deposits around the nipple which leads to puffiness of the nipple.


During your consultation we will talk about your goals and expectations as well as your individual reasons for gynaecomastia surgery. We will talk about the causes and explore whether certain medications or recreational drugs are associated with your condition. As with any type of surgery, we will also discuss your past medical history, past surgical history, allergies, the risk of surgery, potential complications and expected recovery after surgery.

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Dr Andrew Hadj

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Gynaecomastia, is a very common condition and one in three men will develop it in their lifetime. 

If you are an adult and you have persistent enlarged glandular or non-glandular tissue of the chest wall, surgery may be an option. 

The best preparation is to stay fit and healthy, minimising your alcohol intake and not smoking. It’s essential that you tell us which medications (blood-thinning drugs for example) you are taking, prior to your surgery. 

Where do you operate?

I consult from my private rooms at Mater Private Clinic and I operate as a plastic surgeon at many private hospitals in Brisbane, Queensland. I can see Gold Coast patients from my private rooms at John Flynn Medical Centre and I operate at

Gynaecomastia procedure explained by Brisbane plastic surgeon Andrew Hadj

Male breast reduction: step by step

The most common type of surgery is direct glandular excision and liposuction. This is a combined operation and takes around 60 to 90 minutes. It’s a day procedure. 

Step 1


First, you will meet the theatre team and anaesthetist. Then, you will be given a general anaesthetic. 

Step 2


Once you’re asleep we will start the procedure by marking the area and placing very small, inconspicuous hidden incisions to remove the glands. We will use the same incisions to perform liposuction and remove excess fat. 

Step 3

Closing the incisions

The incisions are closed and you’ll be transferred to the recovery room. 

Step 4


Upon waking, a firm compression bandage will be used which can be changed after 24 hours to a fitted athletic sports vest. You will need to wear this vest for 4 weeks (2 weeks strictly, 2 weeks at night). 

The reshaping is often permanent however weight changes may lead to the deposition of fat onto the chest wall. 

gynaecomastia brisbane
gynaecomastia brisbane

Breast reduction recovery explained by Brisbane plastic surgeon Andrew Hadj

Recovery after gynaecomastia surgery

The recovery process is well tolerated. The first days after surgery, you can go for a light walk. You cannot do any heavy lifting and exercise for 4 weeks and this is critical to avoid excess swelling and bleeding in the chest. 

Day 1-7

Your chest will be flat and well-contoured when you wake up. Over the next days, the area will swell and that is normal. Your bruises will migrate down the chest, mostly due to liposuction. 

Day 7

Most pain and discomfort will have settled by day 7. 

Pain relief and antibiotics are prescribed. 

Working, bathing, exercising and driving?

Breast reduction surgery risks, explained by Andrew Hadj, Plastic Surgeon Brisbane & Gold Coast

Risks and complications

The following risks are associated with male breast reduction surgery:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Scar.
  • Recurrence is possible with weight changes and over time some rebound breast tissue may form.
  • Some numbness is expected around the nipple which will settle over time. Permanent numbness is very unlikely.
  • Haematoma is the most concerning complication, seen in patients with bleeding conditions or often those who attend heavy lifting or sport too soon post-surgery. It is important to not do vigorous exercise for at least 4 weeks to minimise this risk.

We’ll use a specially designed incision to minimise the scar to hide it almost completely over time. We will discuss this with you at your consultation and we use dissolving sutures for this surgery. 

Breast reduction surgery cost Brisbane & Gold Coast

What does the procedure cost?

As a plastic surgeon here in Brisbane and Gold Coast, I believe that this type of surgery should be affordable. If you want more details, please don’t hesitate to contact my friendly team and ask about costs.

There are many low-cost surgery options both in Australia and overseas and great care should be taken when dealing with a surgeon who is not an ASPS / AHPRA / FRACS-recognised Plastic Surgeon.


Unfortunately, as mentioned in the ABC Four Corners Report, many patients confuse plastic surgeons with cosmetic surgeons. However, the training differs significantly. A plastic surgeon has undertaken over 12 years of post-medical specialist training. That’s an important indicator when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon.

Dr Andrew Hadj - Plastic Surgeon Brisbane | Abdominoplasty Brisbane cost
Dr Andrew Hadj

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It’s also recommended to always seek second opinions if you have concerns. Ultimately you should feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon you are seeing. 

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