Abdominoplasty Brisbane cost

Breaking down the abdominoplasty cost: What you need to know

Understanding the financial considerations is important as it helps in planning your surgery and making informed decisions.
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February 21, 2024

Abdominoplasty Brisbane cost

What are the various fees involved in abdominoplasty?

When thinking about having abdominoplasty surgery, you should know there are different costs to consider.

The price can change a lot depending on how complex the surgery is, how long it takes, and if you need extra procedures like liposuction. I’ll make sure you get a detailed quote that covers everything you need for your abdominoplasty surgery, tailored just for you.

Here’s a breakdown of the different costs you might come across with abdominoplasty.


Anaesthetist’s fees

One part of your surgery cost to consider is the anaesthetist’s fee. It can range significantly and is influenced by the complexity and duration of your surgery. I work closely with three highly skilled anaesthetists whom I trust with all my heart, whether the procedure is simple or complex. Rest assured, you will receive a detailed quote from the anaesthetist before your plastic surgery, making sure you get full transparency so you can plan your finances accordingly.

Surgical assistant’s fees

Another cost to consider is the surgical assistant’s fee. This is the fee for the doctor who assists me during your surgery. Typically, this fee is charged per hour but is included in the overall quote you receive from me. This ensures there are no surprises, and you have a clear understanding of the total cost upfront.

The surgeon’s out-of-pocket fee

For cosmetic surgery, such as abdominoplasty, there’s an out-of-pocket fee involved. This fee varies based on your individual case.


“Factors such as the extent of excess skin removal, the need for muscle tightening, and whether liposuction is part of the procedure all play a role in determining the cost of abdominoplasty surgery.”

Dr Andrew Hadj - Plastic Surgeon Brisbane | Abdominoplasty Brisbane cost
Dr Andrew Hadj

Plastic surgeon Brisbane & Gold Coast

After your initial consultation, I will provide you with a detailed quote that reflects the unique aspects of your plastic surgery procedure and the personalised care you will receive.

In Australia, health insurance policies are categorised into four tiers: Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each offering increasing levels of cover. When it comes to plastic surgery, coverage depends not just on the tier but also on the nature of the surgery – whether it’s deemed medically necessary or is purely cosmetic.

  • Medically necessary plastic surgery: If the surgery is required for medical reasons, it’s more likely to be covered.
  • Cosmetic surgery: Purely cosmetic procedures, which are performed for aesthetic reasons rather than medical necessity, generally do not receive coverage for the surgeon’s fees or the surgical procedure itself across all tiers, including Gold.

Since November 2018, the eligibility criteria for Medicare item number 30177 have been updated. Now, to potentially be eligible for item number 30177 for abdominoplasty, the patient must have experienced significant weight loss leading to excess abdominal tissue; this tissue must disrupt daily activities, and the skin folds should suffer from ongoing inflammation or infection that hasn’t improved after three months of treatment.

Additionally, as of November 2022, a new Medicare item number (30175) was introduced for abdominoplasty that includes muscle repair post-pregnancy. This item applies to patients with a diastasis recti (muscle separation) of at least 3 cm, as confirmed by medical imaging, which results in abdominal wall pain, lower back pain, or urinary symptoms, and has not improved with physiotherapy.

Hospital cost

Hospital costs can vary widely, especially between patients with private health insurance and those without. If you have private health insurance, you will likely only need to pay your excess, but it’s important to check whether your private policy covers plastic surgery procedures.

For those without private health insurance, the cost for the surgery in a private hospital can range from $8,000 to $20,000 for inpatient care.

Additionally, should there be any complications requiring an extended hospital stay, this will incur additional costs. However, transferring to a public hospital is an option if it’s safe and reasonable.

Pathology and radiology

You might need blood tests and imaging scans before, during, and after your stay in the hospital. These tests are important to keep you safe and make sure the surgery goes well, but they can cost extra.

Where do you operate?

I consult from my private rooms at Mater Private Clinic and I operate as a plastic surgeon at many private hospitals in Brisbane, Queensland. I can see Gold Coast patients from my private rooms at John Flynn Medical Centre and I operate at

Plastic surgeon Brisbane & Gold Coast Dr Hadj

Why choose a plastic surgeon for abdominoplasty?

When choosing a surgeon for your abdominoplasty, it’s essential to choose someone who is not just qualified, but also highly skilled and dedicated to patient safety.


“Look for a surgeon who is a ‘Specialist Plastic Surgeon’. This is shown by the letters FRACS (Plastic Surgery) after their name, meaning they’ve undergone rigorous training in plastic and reconstructive surgery.”

It’s also important that your surgeon is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. It’s a sign that they adhere to high ethical standards, are committed to continuous learning, and prioritise patient care.

In July 2023, the Medical Board of Australia developed guidelines for practitioners who perform cosmetic surgery.


“A key update is that patients now need to wait at least seven days after having two consultations and agreeing to the surgery before they can book it or pay a deposit. This rule, focusing on a cooling-off period, has already been practised by specialist plastic surgeons since 2016, highlighting their commitment to high ethical standards.”

Dr Andrew Hadj - Plastic Surgeon Brisbane | Abdominoplasty Brisbane cost
Dr Andrew Hadj

Plastic surgeon Brisbane & Gold Coast

In this article, I explain the difference between a cosmetic and plastic surgeon and why it matters to be aware of this.

Abdominoplasty surgeon Brisbane

Why Dr Andrew Hadj for abdominoplasty?

Patients often tell me they appreciate my transparent and clear communication style. It definitely helps that my wait times are relatively short, making sure you can move forward with your plans without unnecessary delays. Plus, performing not only cosmetic surgeries but also reconstructive procedures means I’m well-prepared to address complications should they arise, though I hope you’ll never need that aspect of my expertise.

I offer consultations in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast (Burleigh Waters), and look forward to meeting you. Request an appointment today.

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